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Protect Player
Experience for
Enhanced Engagement

Take real-time action against in-game toxicity with
automated, AI-driven content moderation that
maintains a safe gaming experience for all players.

Protecting Against:
Hate Speech
Violent Extremism
Self Harm

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Keep the Game Going While Securing your Community

Maintain a safe, thriving,
global gaming environment

Ensure players remain highly engaged by offering a secure, trusted
environment. Our AI-driven content moderation protects against
harassment, hate speech, bullying, grooming, fraudulent activity
and more, across 100+ languages,  fostering a safer gaming
experience for all.

See our solution brief
See our solution brief

Tackle policy violations in
real-time with automated

Keep players’ interactions safe with automatic detection that blocks inappropriate conversations on the spot. ActiveScore instantly analyzes all surrounding metadata, including comments, chat, titles, profiles, usernames, and more, to make faster decisions with greater accuracy.

More about ActiveScore
More about ActiveScore

Mitigate toxic behavior
on the spot with player-
level moderation

Optimize moderation efficiency by taking action on repeat offenders with user-level moderation. Consolidate all of a single user’s cases into one view to enable bulk actions, such as warnings or suspensions, for greater impact with fewer clicks.

Learn about ActiveOS
Learn about ActiveOS

Create inclusive environments with positive behaviors

Be proactive about inclusivity and positivity. Activescore’s Prosocial model goes beyond deterring negative behaviors, to encouraging positive ones, so you
can encourage your top players to stay in the game.

Learn more about Prosocial
Learn more about Prosocial

Tackle fraudulent activities and
cheating with off-platform

Catch fraudulent activity and sophisticated cheating methods before incurring revenue loss by using ActiveFence Deep Threat Intelligence.  Collected from hidden forums and dark web chatter, our insights help to proactively inform policy, so you can mitigate the risks before they arise.

More about deep threat intelligence
More about deep threat intelligence

Manage the entire content
moderation operation in
one place 

ActiveOS no-code content moderation platform enables teams to orchestrate the full Trust & Safety lifecycle – from detection to taking action, with:

  • Customizable moderator queues
  • Automated actioning workflow builder
  • Defined risk thresholds
  • Real-time analytics and reports
  • Wellness and resiliency tools, and more.

Learn about ActiveOS
Learn about ActiveOS

Partnering with industry leaders to proactively fight online abuse

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ActiveFence reports on
toxicity in online gaming -
and the need for action.

Learn more

Get a peek of the threats we’ve uncovered in online gaming


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