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Keep the Game
Going while Securing
your Community

Online gaming is not always fun and games. Unmask
in-game toxicity, fraudulent activities, and sophisticated
cheating tactics with ActiveFence’s proactive approach
to Trust & Safety.

Fraud, Cheating, and ATO
Hate Speech
Violent Extremism
Self Harm

Investing in positive
gaming experiences
yields positive returns.

$29B Average revenues lost to cheating Irdeto Report
36% of game players have quit or avoided a game due to harassment ADL Report
50+ fraud networks, with thousands of accounts, detected by ActiveFence Intelligence in 2022

Learn from our cross-platform insights to effectively
tackle the risks threatening your game and its players

Prevent harmful content
and toxic activity from
thriving on your game
with proactive alerts

Harness ActiveFence’s contextual AI, fueled by intelligence from our team of industry experts, to identify a wide range of violations that can lead to very real-world implications – such as bullying, CSAM, self harm, and graphic violence.

Mitigate fraudulent
activities and cheating
with off-platform

Catch fraudulent activity and sophisticated cheating tactics before incurring revenue loss by using ActiveFence insights, collected from hidden forums and dark web chatter.

Confidently release new games and features with Safety by Design advisory

Get 360-degree testing of your Trust & Safety policy and mechanisms before a new launch, or to employ continuous protection against new moderation vulnerabilities with our team of experts – who employ adversarial techniques to uncover the gaps that allow for abuse.

"Nearly 20% of young gamers ages 10-17 [are] exposed to white-supremacist ideologies in the context of online multiplayer games."

Partnering with industry leaders to proactively fight online abuse

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You focus on making games great. We'll focus on keeping users safe.

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Get a peek of the threats we’ve uncovered in online gaming


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