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Food Delivery

Deliver Safe Communications
Among Drivers, Clients & Support

Ordering and delivering food shouldn’t turn into a bad
experience for drivers or customers. Ensure your app
provides a safe & trusted environment that encourages
retention, using ActiveFence's comprehensive Trust &
Safety solution for food delivery apps.

"ActiveFence’s Risk Score Engine analysis is great."

Ryan Skidmore

Software Engineer

Protecting Against:
Compromised Accounts
Fraud & Fake Reviews
Hate Speech

Keep delivery conversations
abuse free

Automatically identify and stop inappropriate conversations between delivery drivers, clients and support agents. ActiveFence’s Contextual AI models detect violations in 100+ languages including support for slang and emoji in harassment, profanity, hate speech, and more to ensure a safe and trusted experience while ordering and delivering food.

Prevent violative reviews
from being posted

Avoid your food delivery app becoming a breeding ground for verbal abuse that leads to user churn. Automatically flag and prevent reviews containing hate speech, profanity, and inappropriate content from going live to ensure a positive user experience.

Proactively protect against fraudulent activity

Malicious actors thrive on exploiting delivery apps for their financial gain through fake orders, inauthentic reviews, account takeovers, and more — at the cost of your brand reputation.ActiveFence’s Red Team proactively identifies gaps in policy, enforcement, and product and provides actionable insights to strengthen Trust & Safety mechanisms that keep you one step ahead of bad actors.

Reduce moderation & support cost by 38%+

Leverage automation to optimize your content moderation process and increase efficiency. Set codeless workflows in seconds for automated actioning and queue prioritization to avoid an endless backlog of reviews and messages waiting for human review.

Content moderation from a single platform

Manage all moderation efforts – from detection to taking action – with the first Trust & Safety platform designed for scale, including:

  • AI-driven, automated content moderation
  • Fully customizable, no code interface
  • Custom analytics dashboard

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Deliver quality every time
with a safe and trusted experience.

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