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Election Integrity

Secure Election Integrity
on Your Platform

ActiveFence alerts you in real-time on emerging, risky election-related narratives.

Stay ahead of election-related threats

Adjust policy to new risks, before they arise

Be compliant with DSA regulations

Prevent harmful election narratives
from spreading on your platform

Adjust policy to new risks, before they arise

Don’t let your platform be used to spread
dangerous election-related narratives.
Proactively adapt policies and change
enforcement mechanisms to handle new
threats before they become viral.

Be compliant with DSA regulations

Ensure compliance with global regulations like the DSA, which specifically require election integrity programs, to avoid legal scrutiny and high fines.

2024 Elections: 

Securing Election Integrity

Watch On-Demand

Watch our latest webinar, where we discussed building an election integrity program with experts from the Integrity Institute and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Inbal Goldberger


Glenn Ellingson

Integrity Institute

Jan Eißfeldt

Wikimedia Foundation

Rachael Levy


Watch On-Demand

"Your US election leads were really excellent
and so early! The findings are gold"

Global Social Media Platform

Proactive Detection: US 2024 Narrative

Sample ActiveFence Findings

Protect the integrity of your platform - and the trust of your users.

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