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Trust & Safety

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Because users thrive in a safe online world.

ActiveFence is the leader in providing Trust & Safety solutions to protect online platforms and their users from malicious behavior and content.

Our mission is to protect your platform and users from the broadest spectrum of online harms, unwanted content, and malicious behavior, including child abuse, disinformation, hate speech, terror, human exploitation, fraud, and more.

The Complete Trust & Safety Solution

​From moderation management to harmful content detection to intelligence, our complete stack serves Trust & Safety teams of all sizes.

Content Moderation Platform

Simplify moderation orchestration and management using efficient, codeless workflows and analytics.

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Harmful Content

Improve your accuracy and confidence with intelligence-fueled, contextual AI to identify & remove elusive & violative content.

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Proactively avoid risks with the leader in on & off-platform intelligence of malicious content and behavior.

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New Report
Generative AI: The New Attack Vector for Trust & Safety

Generative AI is already being used to create dangerous content.
Learn how to protect your platform from new trends in AI-generated abuse across disinformation, fraud, child abuse, and violent extremism.

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Compliance Hub
Your One-Stop Resource

Global online safety regulations are changing fast, and platforms must take action to be compliant. Access our resources to understand the legal requirements and build robust policies that ensure compliance.

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Non-Graphic Child Safety Violations: A Blindspot

Platforms are trained to detect graphic CSAM, but its non-graphic counterpart often goes unnoticed, leaving users vulnerable.

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Threat Intelligence, Harmful Content Detection & Content Moderation. All from one source.

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