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Hidden Predators

Oct 24, 2021

Fraud Prevention
Oct 07, 2021

(Un)Fair Play

ActiveFence takes a look at how threat actors access gaming accounts and exploit their platforms and players.

Disinformation, Hate Speech
Sep 14, 2021

A Conspiracy Of Jihads

ActiveFence investigates Jihad conspiracy theories permeating Indian online society and causing real world consequences.

Disinformation, Policy Guide, Trust and Safety
Sep 10, 2021

ActiveFence Policy Series: Health and Electoral Disinformation

In the third edition of the ActiveFence Policy Series, we take a look at the health and electoral disinformation policies of major tech companies and examine the core components.

Fraud Prevention
Sep 02, 2021

Networks of Fraud

ActiveFence takes a deep dive into how fraudulent networks pose great risk to marketplace and social media platforms.

Violent Extremism
Aug 26, 2021

Return of the Taliban

As the volatile situation in Afghanistan develops, ActiveFence provides context about the complex events migrating online.

Child Safety
Aug 24, 2021

The Child Exploitation Economy

ActiveFence investigates the exploitation of various payment methods by bad actors to sell and purchase child sexual abuse materials.

Policy Guide, Trust and Safety
Aug 21, 2021

ActiveFence Policy Series: Illegal, Violent Activities

In this second edition of the ActiveFence Policy Series, we look at the policies of major tech companies governing illegal and violent activities, examining the core components of these policies.

Aug 19, 2021

Hate Mail

ActiveFence investigates the abuse of newsletters by bad actors spreading hate speech and disinformation.

Child Safety
Aug 17, 2021

Eating Disorder Communities

ActiveFence investigates online communities encouraging eating disorders, exacerbating a public health crisis.

Child Safety
Aug 12, 2021

Transnational Child Exploitation

ActiveFence investigates the child predators exploiting variances in national law, identifying their behavior and new keywords from dark web chatter.

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