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Cointelegraph: The dark side of the metaverse and how to fight it

Metaverse and Web3 have become terms that describe aspects of the future internet, these technologies are building immersive worlds that intersect digital and real life. As more people migrate to the metaverse, real-world complications are bound to arise.

TIME: Abortion Protests See Surge of Armed Demonstrators and Far-Right Groups

Armed demonstrators and extremist groups have increasingly gathered at abortion-related protests in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, causing analysts to warn of a rising threat of violence.

CTech: Context is King for ActiveFence when fighting bad content online

Noam Schwartz, Co-Founder and CEO at ActiveFence, discusses how to fight online toxicity with technology.

Geektime: 11 ways to make online platforms more inclusive

Creating inclusive online spaces is at the heart of user trust and safety. In celebration of Pride Month, ActiveFence shares eleven ways Trust & Safety teams can facilitate inclusivity online.

CTech: ​​The 50 most promising Israeli startups - 2022

ActiveFence ranked as the #6 most promising startup of 2022!

InformationAge: Ensuring safety of digital communities with next-gen AI and proactive care

An interview with CEO and Co-Founder Noam Schwartz on the importance of proactive content detection in preventing online harm.

Entrepreneur’s Handbook: How to raise $100M to keep the internet safe w/ ActiveFence's CEO, Noam Schwartz

Today’s guest is Noam Schwartz, the CEO and Co-Founder of ActiveFence, which raised $100M for the software that helps keep the internet safe.

TechRepublic: 5 services and tools helping companies with digital safety

We often hear and read about digital security, but digital safety concerns have also become a key issue for online platforms, creating a need for services and tools to address online integrity.

Forbes: 3 Key things to know about the future of content moderation

In the early stages of the internet, moderators of small platforms may have been able to hire a few people to ensure the content users were sharing was both truthful and non-violent. Today, there’s so much information being shared every second, the field of content moderation requires constant innovation to keep up and continue doing its job.

Globes: #10 ActiveFence, making the internet a safer place

ActiveFence was chosen to be one of Globes 10 promising startups of 2021 for helping Internet companies deal with dangerous, malicious content, from pedophilia to Nazism.

Vice: Why you’re getting spam texts, according to a cybersecurity expert

You might want to change all your passwords after reading this.

ActiveFence comes out of the shadows with $100M in funding and tech that detects online harm, now valued at $500M+

Online abuse, disinformation, fraud and other malicious content are growing and getting more complex to track. Today, a startup called ActiveFence is coming out of the shadows to announce significant funding on the back of a surge of large organizations using its services.

EL PAIS: De los QAnon a los antivacunas, una radiografía del conspiracionismo en Europa

"Even if all European QAnons support the standard narrative, that is to say they support Trump and far-right ideas, each group adapts these messages to local circumstances," said the director of strategy at the Israeli cybersecurity company ActiveFence, Nitzan Tamari.

Security Magazine: The evolving standards for online accountability in 2022

The “metaverse” is no longer a far-off concept in Sci-Fi novels. With this new reality, here are four evolving areas to watch as online platforms grapple with new and growing abuse vectors and the new phase of accountability.