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Generative AI

Driving Safeguards for Generative AI

Generative AI is here - and it’s changing the safety
landscape as we know it. With the hyper-scaled
generation of content, implementing proactive
safeguards is more important than ever. 
We provide custom solutions for LLMs, foundation
models, & AI applications to help maintain their online

Harness years of experience in the threat actor landscape

Covering 100+ LANGUAGES
Unparalleled Adversarial Mindset AND TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES

New abuse vectors?

The world has only just
scraped the surface.

*Some of the above images were generated by Midjourney and DALL-E 2.

  • Widening AI safety blind-spots in foreign languages
  • Weaponizing deep fakes to incite to violence
  • Crafting malicious prompt strings for CSAM generation
  • Exacerbating social bias in customer engagement tools
  • Extracting sensitive data and PII
  • Engineering all forms of malware
  • Social engineering via chatbots
  • and the list goes on…

The threat landscape
has transformed

Our experienced teams of analysts and researchers have already mapped hundreds of Gen AI risks to user safety – as well as underground communities of threat actors looking to abuse it.

New Report -
GenAI: The New Attack Vector for Online Platforms

Learn how to protect your platform from new trends in AI-generated abuse, from disinformation to fraud to child exploitation to violent extremism.

Download Report
Solutions for LLMs and Foundation Models

Harness AI Safety as an
integral business asset


Safety Evaluations & Benchmarking

Conduct structured safety checks on every model version or compare performance across models


Prompt Feeds

Receive a carefully curated set of risky prompts based in harm area expertise & understanding of bad actor behaviors


Threat Landscaping

Defend your models from emerging threats with alerts on threat actors’ underground chatter


LLM Red Teaming

Discover model vulnerabilities with in-depth testing that evokes risky responses

Solutions for AI Applications

Ensure your users’ safety while incorporating AI


ActiveOS Safety Management Platform

Manage prompts, outputs, users and incidents on a single dedicated platform


Prompt & Output Filtering

Stop prompt injection and jailbreaking at scale with our contextual analysis model


Application Red Teaming

Discover AI product safety gaps with in-depth testing that evokes risky responses

ActiveFence is your
partner for risk mitigation

Resilient safety teams – whether they are LLMs, AI development teams, or just concerned about new threat vectors & abuse at scale – are working around the clock to understand the latest implications of Generative AI on risks to users.
Our custom solutions are well suited to handling the risks of Generative AI – which brings with it the potential for new threat vectors and exponentially multiplies the opportunities for abuse.

Talk to Our Experts
Talk to Our Experts

We trust ActiveFence to handle
unwanted user behaviors so we can
focus on growing our business.

Senior T&S Manager

Global Tech Company

Talk to Our Experts

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