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AI Safety

Ensuring Generative AI
Safety by Design

LLMs and foundation models have revolutionized and
democratized the creation of content - both safe and
harmful. Ensure model safety with ActiveFence’s
proactive safeguards for GenAI.

Supporting the World’s Top Foundation Models and Platforms

Cohere New stability-ai-seeklogo-1 NeMo Guardrails

Novel Technology Comes With Unprecedented Risks

AI abuse is innovating as quickly as AI is developing

Global AI adoption creates regional and linguistic blindspots for safe AI

Elections and global events generate new opportunities for abuse

Global regulation in the EU and US is demanding AI safety by design

GenAI Deployment: What's the Worst That Can Happen?
As GenAI revolutionizes every aspect of our lives, it is becoming crucial to understand and manage its associated deployment risks. Join our upcoming webinar, where our AI experts meet with Frost & Sullivan’s Global VP & AI Programs Leader, Nishchal Khorana, and learn what you need to know to ensure safe AI deployment.

Watch on-demand

Nishchal Khorana

Global VP & AI Programs Leader Frost & Sullivan

Nitzan Tamari

Generative AI Solutions Advisor ActiveFence

Tomer Poran

VP Solution Strategy & Community ActiveFence

Our Approach to Foundation Model Safety



Test your defenses, to proactively identify gaps and loopholes that may cause harm: whether to vulnerable users or through intentional abuse by bad actors.


Prompt Feed

Train your model and conduct safety evaluations using a feed of risky prompts across, abuse types, languages, and modalities.


Prompt &
Output Filtering

Identify and block risky prompts as they are created and automatically stop your model from providing violative answers in real-time.


Safety Management

Monitor user flags and high-risk conversations to take user-level actions and add data to your safety roadmap, using ActiveOS.

AI Safety Powered by Proactive Threat Landscaping

Never get caught off guard by new threats.

ActiveFence’s proactive AI safety is driven by our outside-in approach, where we monitor threat actors’ underground chatter to study new tactics in genAI abuse, rising chatter, and evasion techniques. This allows us to uncover and respond to new harms before they become your problem.

ActiveFence Research

The LLM Safety Review

Like all new technology, LLMs are susceptible to abuse. We tested six major LLMs to understand what safeguards exist for risky prompts. Access our report to find out what we learned.

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ActiveFence is Uniquely Positioned to Ensure AI Safety

Logging THOUSANDS of multimodal generative
AI attacks
Monitoring 10M+ sources of online threat actor chatter
Covering 100+ Languages
Expertise in 20+ Abuse areas
Working with 7 Top foundation
model organizations

Pioneering AI Safety by Design
Responsible AI teams are working around the clock to ensure that their services are not used to generate more harm in the world.

Our custom solutions and established expertise in online safety and abuse tactics uniquely position us to handle the risks of GenAI. Learn more about our approach and how we’re already helping the world’s top foundation models ensure user safety.

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