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Threat Intelligence

Stay Ahead of Bad Actors with Proactive and
On-Demand Insights

Tackle gaps in enforcement, policy and product by
understanding the evolving dynamics of abuse

Harmful Content Detection Feed

Don’t let high-risk violations evade your attention

Task our subject-matter experts with proactively detecting policy violations, in order to identify the evasive abuse your in-house systems struggle to find. Using a unique combination of human expertise and contextual AI, we provide you with a bespoke Harmful Content Detection feed of violations, as defined by your unique policies.

Deep Threat Intel

Actionable insights for
risk mitigation

Discover your unknown unknowns. Keep up with evolving bad actor tactics with insights by our international team of linguistic and subject-matter experts, OSINT researchers, and policy analysts. We will provide in-depth intelligence to help reduce platform-wide gaps in enforcement, policy, and product integrity.

Fraud & Privacy Risk Intelligence

Tackle fraud at the source

Gain insights on methodologies and third-party tools used by threat actors to conduct scams, steal user credentials, or sell counterfeit goods. Identify the malicious vendors, accounts, and applications that take advantage of your users and platform. Our experts provide you with the knowledge to understand adversarial shifts in the threat landscape, and the means to proactively prevent future abuse.

The T&S Red Team

Proactively challenge your T&S defenses

Task our elite team of researchers, policy analysts, and circumvention experts to identify unknown weaknesses and policy loopholes in your platform. Gain visibility into the sophisticated tactics used by bad actors to manipulate your platform and actionable insights on the proactive measures you can take to prevent abuse.

Repeat Offender Monitoring

Prevent banned users from striking again

Identify attempts by influential bad actors to circumvent platform bans. We continuously analyze exploitations of platform, policy, or enforcement, and track cross-platform activity to rapidly surface new attempts to cause harm.

Threat Intelligence lets you tackle Trust & Safety threats before they impact your users

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