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On the Trail of a Sex Exploitation Network

Criminal organizations are engaged in illegal human exploitation. With 35 million current victims of sex trafficking the human consequences are severe. This harmful, predatory activity has online manifestations, with human traffickers using multiple entities active on a range of platforms to ensnare vulnerable people, and promote their services.

As national legislators seeks to disrupt this harmful activity, new expectations are placed on Trust & Safety teams (as evidenced by the Philippines’ 2022 anti-human trafficking legislation). ActiveFence stands ready to help, working with partners to identify and disrupt illegal goods and service networks across the internet. In this case study report available for download, we demonstrate how a criminal enterprise’s promotional activity can be reengineered to map its entities across the internet.

Portrait of Gideon Freud, author on the ActiveFence blog
Gideon Freud

Gideon is a Senior Intelligence Writer at ActiveFence. He graduated from Oxford University in 2012, where he studied social and cultural anthropology with a special focus on the growth of political extremism in Europe. He joined ActiveFence in January 2021, and is interested in researching the development of national laws focused on regulating online activities.