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Thinking about a dedicated Trust & Safety solution? Check out ActiveOS

Trust & Safety
Excellence Isn’t
Achieved Overnight

Save on high costs and avoid the hassle by leveraging ActiveFence’s dedicated Trust & Safety solutions


Save the high costs of building & maintaining an in-house solution

Keep your team focused on core product development

Manage the entire Trust & Safety process in one streamlined platform 

Achieve Trust & Safety excellence while maintaining
efficiency and focus

Save the high costs of building and maintaining an in-house solution

Building Trust & Safety infrastructure is complex and expensive, requiring regular updates to align with changing regulations, regional expansions, and policy updates. With ActiveFence, you pay as you grow, avoiding coding headaches and ongoing maintenance.

Keep your team focused on core product development

Your unique offering is what your team excels at. Don’t shift their focus to non-core development. Rely on ActiveFence’s deep, nuanced understanding of Trust & Safety, content moderation, and global regulations to ensure safe, effective product growth.

Bridge the Technology Gap with ActiveFence Innovation

Capitalize on years of Trust & Safety excellence and the trust of industry leaders. With ActiveFence, seamlessly design content moderation workflows based on custom policies without a single line of code. Enhance operational efficiency with real-time analytics, generate DSA-ready transparency reports directly from the dashboard, and more.

Manage the entire Trust & Safety process
in one streamlined platform

To see ActiveOS in action, schedule a demo.

Increasing Content
Moderation ROI

Watch on Demand

Watch our webinar, and learn how UGC platforms efficiently scale their Trust & Safety operations while maintaining compliance.

Tomer Poran
VP Solution Strategy

Assaf Ohana


Watch on Demand

"Using your Trust & Safety management interface was the most efficient and best way to remove bad actor activity."

Head of Operations
Global Video Sharing Platform

Why ActiveFence


Trusted by leading technology companies with their most intricate Trust & Safety challenges.


Our flexible technology adapts to meet the unique needs of any Trust & Safety team, without writing a single line of code.  


Quick implementation and straightforward documentation so your team can be up and running in a matter of weeks, not months.


Since 2018, ActiveFence has built robust Trust & Safety tech solutions, attaining unparalleled expertise.

Want to see how it
can work for you?
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ActiveOS in action.

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