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Enable a Safe & Trusted Experience for
Merchants and Buyers

Buyer-seller trust is at the core of every marketplace
interaction. Harness cross-platform intelligence from
the clear, deep, and dark web for smart risk management.

Fraud & Scams
Illegal Goods & Services
Counterfeit Goods
Merchandise Promoting Harm
Compromised Accounts

Marketplace risks
are a multibillion-
dollar problem

It takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience. Understanding Customers, Ruby Newell-Legner
We monitor 1000s of dark web forums and malicious vendors
We’ve witnessed an increase of over 300% in market prices of stolen accounts in a single year

Mitigating a variety of threats to user trust

Fraud and Scams

From compromised account credentials to impersonating applications, online marketplaces are a convenient hotbed for bad actors who seek to profit off of your users. Use our visibility into the threat ecosystem to mitigate the risks associated with such abuse.

Counterfeit Goods

Vendors from around the world work in elaborate networks to sell fake merchandise on your marketplace – harming trust and generating negative brand sentiment. ActiveFence’s experienced analysts map the key players in such networks, so that you not only identify counterfeit goods, but also mitigate wider abuse.

Illegal Goods and Services

Bad actors utilize your platform to promote the trade of prohibited goods and services, which can lead to serious legal implications. From prescription medications, to CSAM, and more – we map networks of abuse and proactively alert on illegal on-platform activities.

Merchandise Promoting Harm

Whether it’s swastikas on a mug or books inciting physical harm, extremist content should never be associated with your marketplace. We keep up with high-risk activities across the web and inform you on paraphernalia or other harmful objects put up for sale on your marketplace.

“We continuously monitor the economy of abuse, and can actually disrupt that economy in a way that leads to long-term impact.”

Partnering with industry leaders to proactively fight online harm

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Focus on growing your marketplace. We’ll help protect your users and keep your platform safe.

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