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Automated AI
content detection
fueled by intelligence

Empower your team to make faster decisions
with greater accuracy


One API to prevent online toxicity at scale

Bullying & Harassment
Child Safety
Graphic Violence
Hate Speech
Illegal Goods
Nudity & Adult Content
Suicide & Self-Harm
Violent Extremism

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Seamless integration for a streamlined moderation process

Quick Setup

Integrate one API to start using our AI-driven automated detection. Add risk thresholds aligned to your policy, so that high-risk items will be automatically removed and benign items ignored: allowing you to reduce violation prevalence while reducing human review to only those items that require it.

Automated Scoring

Send text, images, audio, or video for analysis based on our contextual AI models, fueled by intelligence of 150+ in-house domain and linguistic experts. For each item, our engine will generate a risk score between 1-100 indicating how likely it is to be violative, providing indicators and a description of the identified violations to make human decisions easier and faster.

Ongoing Optimization

Improve accuracy with a continuous, adaptive feedback loop that automatically trains our AI and adjusts risk scores based on every moderation decision.

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ActiveFence Findings: Contextual AI in Action

Eliminating Blindspots

Uncovering CSAM group promoted in a seemingly harmless profile

ActiveScore child safety models automatically flagged a seemingly benign picture and description as high risk due to a promotion of a link to a malicious CSAM group with 67K members within the profile itself. By analyzing it against our intel-fuelled database of millions of malicious signals, including the profile’s complete metadata, the profile was immediately flagged to the platform and removed.

Multilingual coverage

Detecting malicious
content in Spanish in a
benign context

ActiveScore identified racial slurs in the review comments of a listing appearing to promote sales of artisanal soaps. By analyzing the post’s full metadata against 100+ languages, ActiveScore detected Spanish text as violative, saying: “Here comes Chaca down the alley killing Jews to make soap” and the review was automatically removed.

Media Matching

Catch more violations with automated media matching

ActiveScore hate speech models automatically detected multiple white supremacist songs with media matching technology when compared to ActiveFence’s proprietary database that contains the largest database of hate speech songs. Within seconds, it found matched duplicates and similarities to provide a high risk score.

Why ActiveFence

Greater accuracy

  • Achieve <1% false positive rate
  • Customized AI models available by request
  • Ongoing adaptive feedback loop based on moderator decisions and intel insights

Detect what others miss

  • Contextual AI incorporates surrounding information for optimal quality and performance
  • Models fueled by intelligence of 150+ in-house domain and linguistic experts

Scale your coverage

  • Automatic detection in over 14 abuse areas
  • Support for slang, l33tspeak, emojis, and more
  • Covering 100+ languages

Protect your users' data

  • Meet compliance needs with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Safeguard personal data, including using secure servers
  • Limit access to authorized personnel only

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