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Create Safe and Trusted
Online Dating Experiences

People expect dating platforms to safeguard their journey
to their next date or soulmate. ActiveFence helps dating
companies maintain that safe experience by preventing
online abuse of all kinds while reducing your risks - and
your costs.

Dating scams & fraud
Human trafficking & exploitation
Verification bypass methods
Non-Consensual Intimate Imagery
Child safety risks
Hate Speech

are built on trust

1 in 10 of dating app users have been subject to image-based sexual abuse online. Australian Institute of Criminology
65% of dating execs say their users ask for more protection from fraud. RealMe
55% of people that date online have experienced some form of threat or problem. Kaspersky

Even the best moderation teams have trouble tackling various platform integrity risks

Quickly identify high-risk
in-app abuse

Harness our contextual Risk Score Engine, built on proprietary intelligence obtained by monitoring adversarial trends across the dating ecosystem, to detect violations that hurt your users. Whether tackling CSAM, hate speech, profanity, or nudity, our cutting-edge AI models are bolstered by a continuous feedback loop, so that moderation decisions can be made accurately and efficiently.

Mitigate ATO, scams and user exploitation

Protect your users from being targeted. Identify user privacy risks, romance scams, and sexploitation networks with ActiveFence’s visibility into hidden forums and dark web chatter.

Provide optimal user protection with Safety by Design

Don’t allow your platform to facilitate abuse, by uncovering bad actor bypass mechanisms and evasive techniques on your platform. Our team of experts has years of experience in proactively detecting gaps – whether in dating policy or product – so that there’s no room for exploitation via adversarial tactics.

Seamlessly orchestrate your Trust & Safety efforts from a single platform

From accurately detecting violations on your app to updating existing workflows with new policies, your entire organization will benefit from our no-code software that helps teams work efficiently.

“We consistently witness bad actors utilizing new tactics to take advantage of the digital space. As technology and the internet evolve, it’s paramount to keep up with their speed - making agility and adaptability crucial for Trust & Safety teams.”

Partnering with industry leaders to keep the internet safe

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Dating platforms should focus on
building user connections. Let us
deal with the bad actors that
sabotage that.

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