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The AI Surge in NCII

Non-Consensual Intimate Imagery (NCII) creation is a crime primarily focused against women. The motivations for its creation range from a desire to sexualize, shame, or extort. While law and policy around this violent behavior addressed authentic imagery that was recorded, leaked or stolen, now GenAI has revolutionized its creation.

Threat actors are using AI tools trained upon pornographic models to produce synthetic sexual images of real people. All that is needed is a victim’s photograph stolen from a social media or dating profile.

Within this report:

This ActiveFence report, featured by the Daily Mail and Forbes, provides insights into how Generative AI has sparked a surge in this activity which is already affecting all platforms.

  • Data on the rise of demand for GenAI services to create synthetic NCII;
  • Threat actor TTPs used to generate synthetic NCII from social media and other online platforms;
  • Information on threat actor circumvention of GenAI model safeguards;
  • A sample of the clear web ecosystem that supports this dangerous economy.