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Brand Protection

Protect your brand integrity before the damage is done.

Gain visibility into malicious activities lurking in hidden
online communities - to stay one step ahead of the next
brand crisis.

ActiveFence saved our company from potential crises that would have cost us many months of brand rehabilitation efforts.

Global Corporate Communications Lead

Large Pharmaceutical Company

The digital landscape brings many brand
opportunities - and even more risks.

Emerging Trend Detection

Stay ahead of dangerous online narratives, emerging misinformation and other threats to brand integrity. ActiveFence provides real-time alerts on these threats, detected with unparalleled visibility into the deep and dark web, so you can quickly mitigate potential risks.

Disinfo Campaign

Get detailed visibility of sophisticated bad actor networks that
purposely target your brand. ActiveFence provides brands with
the deep insights needed, including threat actor attribution, for
comprehensive risk mitigation.

Insider Threat Detection

Identify possible leaked trade secrets within hidden sources. ActiveFence provides rapid detection of intellectual property
shared or put up for sale on the deep and dark web, across
geographies and in over 100+ languages.

Corporate Security Alerts

Protect your high-profile assets from harm in both the physical
and digital space. Whether corporate headquarters or senior
executives, ActiveFence immediately reports on intentions to
attack brand entities – so your organization can take preventative
measures before harm is done.

Brand Authenticity Protection

Secure the authenticity of the products and services reaching your consumers. The online ecosystem provides ample opportunity for impersonation and counterfeit goods. ActiveFence provides brands with the visibility needed to mitigate financial risk or negative brand sentiment – and take action.

Access our report on detecting counterfeit networks
Access our report on detecting counterfeit networks

Dark Web Monitoring

Identify phishing attempts, compromised credentials,
and possible exploits affecting your brand.
ActiveFence’s team of experienced researchers provide
the insights needed to tackle these threats at the source.

Safeguard your brand's
narrative and assets

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