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Real-Time Video Content Moderation

Grow real-time user
engagement and

Implement real-time automated video
content detection to create a safe and
trusted experience so users will never
want to leave your app.

"We don’t even bother reviewing the content they flag -
it’s that great and consistent."

Senior Trust & Safety Manager

Video Streaming Platform

Protecting Against:
Adult Content
Bullying & Harassment
General Violence
Graphic Violence
Hate Speech
Illegal Goods

Stop online toxic & malicious
activity in real time

Users thrive on interacting and engaging in real-time. The last thing you want is to lose anyone because they feel mistreated, exploited, or insulted. Keep real-time engagements clean from toxicity with real-time AI-driven video content detection. Integrate once to automatically detect and remove hate speech, harassment, bullying, violence, adult content, and more –  to make faster decisions with greater accuracy.

Read more about our ActiveScore solution
Read more about our ActiveScore solution

360° protection without investing engineering time and maintenance

Don’t wait until your product is live to think about the safety of your users. ActiveOS no-code content moderation platform is designed with all the functionality a moderation team needs to orchestrate the full life cycle of moderation efforts, end-to-end including customizable moderator queues, analytics, wellness and resiliency tools, automated workflow builder, transparency reporting, and much more.

Read more about our ActiveOS solution
Read more about our ActiveOS solution

Safeguard your platform
with real-time video content

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