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Social Media

Users Thrive on the
Social Media Platforms
They Trust

Foster a safe and trusted environment for your users.
They’ll feel free to create online relationships,
share their content, and eagerly increase engagement.

Hate Speech
Child Safety
Illegal Goods & Services
Violent Extremism
Self Harm
Human Exploitation
Cyber Crime
Fraud & Scams

Trust & Safety
as an asset,
not a liability

50% of users would leave or reduce time spent on platforms that don’t clamp down on harmful content. UK gov't poll
126K + high-risk entities flagged by ActiveFence for terrorism, hate speech, child abuse, self-harm and violence in one year
200 + Information operations detected and mapped by ActiveFence in 2022

Harness Contextual AI and Human Expertise
to Tackle Violations at Scale

Make Sure Your Platform Doesn’t Facilitate the Spread of Hate Speech

Online hate can lead to very real-world harm. Leverage ActiveFence’s unparalleled expertise in hate speech, including evasive keywords, organizational networks, and circumvention tactics – to prevent bad actors from ruining user experience, and taking action in the physical world.

See more on how to proactively tackle Hate Speech
See more on how to proactively tackle Hate Speech

Mitigate Harmful Narratives with the Potential to Go Viral

Trust & Safety teams are often caught off-guard by dangerous narratives that can become viral. From health misinformation and political misinformation, to social unrest, our experts monitor these trends across the web, providing visibility and context, so that you can prepare for and minimize their exposure on your platform.

Proactively Prevent CSAM and Child Safety Violations

Bad actors use online platforms to advance an entire economy of CSAM and child abuse. Trained on intelligence collected from the deep and dark web, our AI models can immediately surface this type of abuse – allowing you to take swift action. In-depth reports by our international team of analysts enables teams to proactively tackle these high-risk abuses – stopping harm before it starts.

Provide Your Users with the Account Protection They Expect

Across the web, threat actors exploit online platforms – compromising credentials and selling them on hidden forums and marketplaces, primed for account take-over (ATO). By monitoring the darkest corners of the web, ActiveFence identifies the risks to your users and their privacy – and alerts you on the impending threats to your platform or app. Our unique visibility into the wider ecosystem of abuse allows us to keep you a step ahead of the bad actors.

Manage your entire Trust & Safety operation from a single platform

Increase moderator efficiency with streamlined operations; ActiveFence’s platform was built by Trust & Safety professionals, for Trust & Safety professionals. Decrease Average Handle Time, implement agile policies, and track team KPIs in our customizable, no-code software.

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“Savvy leaders who have embraced the trust imperative know that trust is not a buzzword and that it doesn’t happen accidentally.”

Partnering with industry leaders to keep the internet safe

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Keep your community and
users protected and engaged.

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