ActiveFence Launches Industry-First Trust & Safety Academy at New York University


ActiveFence Launches Industry-First Trust & Safety Academy at New York University

In partnership with NYU’s Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship, new course taught by ActiveFence experts will grow mindshare among Trust and Safety professionals

NEW YORK, Feb 27, 2023ActiveFence, whose mission is to protect online platforms and their users from malicious behavior and content, today announced the Trust & Safety Academy, a first-of-its-kind academic course on trust and safety, in partnership with NYU’s Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship. The course is designed for professionals seeking to grow their knowledge and individuals looking to join the industry.

As the internet has become a breeding ground for harmful and often inappropriate content, the trust and safety industry needs more personnel, tools and technology that are prepared to combat threat actors. Today, there are about 100,000 trust and safety professionals (including platform content moderators) worldwide, but knowledge gaps often exist, as in-house professionals typically have deep use case-specific knowledge that aligns with their organization’s key focus. ActiveFence’s course aims to close this gap, and provide a comprehensive curriculum around increasingly malicious threat actors and abuse areas. Sessions are taught by a wide range of domain experts from ActiveFence, which works with some of the world’s leading technology companies on various online harms.

“In-house employees receive training that’s in-tune to the needs of a specific company, its point of view on trust and safety, and threats to its users and business,” said Inbal Goldberger, vice president of trust and safety at ActiveFence. “But with the growing sophistication of threat actors and new regulations, trust & safety professionals need a more well-rounded education on the overall threat landscape, how the industry functions, the forces that affect it, and what regulations could impact their company. The academy will provide a deeply comprehensive understanding of the industry as a whole, empowering future trust and safety professionals to better protect their platforms and users.”

The course will be led by a team of industry experts, including NYU’s Global Distinguished Scholar, the Founder and Director for the Institute for Impact and Intrapreneurship, Dr. Nir Tsuk. In collaboration with Dr. Tsuk, ActiveFence will provide a distilled but comprehensive understanding of what trust and safety entails.

“We’re thrilled to partner with ActiveFence to cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders in trust and safety,” Dr. Tsuk said. “The trust and safety industry is still growing, and innovation is a key driver for growth. By cultivating innovative leaders and technology, the industry will be better equipped to combat the rapidly evolving abuse that happens online.”

Participants will learn about the many facets of the industry, key abuse areas (dis/misinformation, child abuse materials, terrorism, etc), work processes and functions, highlighting how innovation drives success in trust and safety. Upon completing the 10, 90-minute virtual classroom sessions, participants will receive an NYU Bronfman Executive Education Certificate in Trust and Safety.

Interested participants can register for the course online (HERE) today.

About ActiveFence

ActiveFence is the leading solution for Trust and Safety intelligence and management, protecting online platforms and their users from malicious behavior and content. Trust and Safety teams of all sizes rely on ActiveFence to keep their users safe from the widest spectrum of online harms, unwanted content, and malicious behavior, including child safety and exploitation, disinformation, hate speech, terror, nudity, fraud, and more. We offer a full stack of capabilities with our deep intelligence research, AI-driven harmful content detection, and content moderation platform. Protecting over three billion users globally everyday in 100 languages, ActiveFence lets people interact and thrive online.

Backed by leading Silicon Valley investors such as CRV and Norwest, ActiveFence has raised $100M to date; employs over 300 people worldwide; and has contributed to the online safety of billions of users across the globe.