ActiveFence and Modulate: Amplifying Voice Moderation

February 14, 2024
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As the virtual world continues to grow, so does the popularity of voice-first communication.

However, most content detection solutions still primarily focus on text and image-based detection, often relying on transcription to detect harmful content in audio. This has left a gap in the market for effective voice moderation solutions.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Modulate, the best-in-class prosocial voice intelligence company. By combining our respective solutions, we will bring the widest coverage yet to market, utilizing contextual AI to proactively ensure user protection. This collaboration will not only address the pain points of Trust & Safety teams in gaming platforms, but it also has the potential to allow all voice-first services to ensure user safety. Together, ActiveFence and Modulate will amplify voice moderation and create a safer virtual environment for all users.

Unveiling the ActiveFence-Modulate Partnership

This strategic alliance between ActiveFence and Modulate is poised to revolutionize the world of online safety.

Combining ActiveFence’s advanced threat detection technology with Modulate’s expertise in voice moderation and audio detection, we are introducing an offering that wasn’t previously available. Together, we will address both sides of the content moderation equation: the detection of harmful content and the promotion of prosocial interaction.

Using ActiveOS policy builder alongside Modulate’s ToxMod voice moderation technology, ActiveScore contextual AI, and other indicators, including custom keyword lists, Trust & Safety teams will be able to build bespoke policies that handle all types of content, abuse areas, and languages – with no coding required. Our combined technologies will proactively address the full spectrum of safety challenges in the digital world, including hate speech, sexual harassment, and fraud.

Powering Safer Experiences for Gamers

Voice chatting has become an integral part of the gaming experience, with 90% of gamers opting to use voice, over text, for in-game communication. But while voice communication is up, so is in-game toxicity: as the ADL reports, 81% of American adults experiencing harassment overall in multiplayer games.

This trend amplifies the importance of our joint offering. A game that prioritizes user safety doesn’t just promote a positive community, it directly impacts its success. Studies have shown that games with robust safety measures in place retain more players and see longer gameplay times. As such, the application of our voice moderation technology becomes a strategic move for game developers. The ActiveFence-Modulate partnership is positioned to not only amplify safety measures but also to enhance the gaming experience itself. By ensuring gamers can freely and safely communicate, we’re contributing to a more inclusive and enjoyable environment, free from harmful content and disruptive behaviors.

Voice Moderation Beyond Gaming

The significance of our voice moderation technology extends beyond the realm of gaming. Voice-based platforms are on the rise across multiple industries, making the need for our offering more critical than ever.

Take call centers, for instance. They are evolving into AI-powered voice bots, necessitating robust moderation to ensure respectful, safe interactions. Similarly, dating platforms are increasingly integrating voice features to provide more personal interaction experiences. To maintain a respectful and safe environment, these platforms need advanced voice moderation capabilities. Our partnership with Modulate will cater to these needs, ensuring that businesses can continue to innovate with voice technology without compromising user safety.

A New Era in Voice Moderation

This partnership marks a significant milestone in voice moderation. This joint venture has the potential to redefine the boundaries of online safety, enabling a much-needed layer of protection in the rapidly evolving world of voice-first communication. Leveraging our advanced technology and shared commitment to safety, we aim to build a future where voice interactions are devoid of harmful content and disruptive behavior. As we continue to expand our offerings and innovate, we remain steadfast in our mission: to build trust, ensure safety, and foster prosocial interaction.

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