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Enhanced end-to-end live voice and text moderation

ActiveFence & Modulate introduce:


Proactively protecting communities in real-time

Create a safe and trusted live user experience by combining the power of Modulate’s Prosocial voice technology with ActiveFence’s #1 Trust & Safety solution to enable stronger protection at scale.

Automated Real-time Detection
Covering 17+ violations
Supporting 18+ LANGUAGES
Protecting 3+ Billion USERS WORLDWIDE

Safer user interactions, in real-time

Keep real-time voice engagements clean from toxicity

Stop hate speech, bullying, violence, sexual vulgarity, and more – in real-time – with expanded detection coverage. Together, ActiveFence and Modulate’s multi-layered protection covers:

  • All media formats, including live voice chat, text, video, and, images
  • 18+ languages for live voice chat moderation (and 100 for text)
  • 17+ violation categories
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Build custom policies: No coding required

Create your own wall of protection – aligned to your unique policies. ActiveOS policy management tool offers a complete set of detection signals, including ActiveScore models, Modulate’s ToxMod voice models, custom keyword lists, and more, that can be combined to build your unique policies in minutes – without using engineering resources.

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Voice chat at a glance

ToxMod gives you a live, holistic look into what’s going on in your game’s voice chat. Get data-driven insights like rates of toxic speech by geographic area, language, or detection category – all at the tip of your fingers.

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End-to-end moderation tools

Improve efficiency throughout the moderation process. ActiveOS streamlines the whole trust & safety operations, from policy building, to detection, actioning and enforcement, with features like:

  • AI-driven, contextual models
  • Auto-actioning via codeless workflows
  • Prioritized queues
  • Moderation control center
  • Real-time analytics
  • Built-in compliance features
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Create a safer and more
responsible online
environment for all

Grow real-time engagement, while protecting your online communities at scale, with Modulate & ActiveFence’s combined full-coverage moderation solution. Fill in your details to learn more.