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The Trust & Safety

Welcome to the Trust & Safety Academy, an innovative online program meticulously crafted by ActiveFence. Tailored as a guiding compass, this immersive course caters to both seasoned Trust & Safety professionals and those stepping into the industry, promising unparalleled expertise.

Trust & Safety Portrait of Inbal Goldberger, VP Trust & Safety

Introduction to Trust & Safety

How did the industry of Trust & Safety develop? What role does Trust & Safety play within organizations and the larger tech ecosystem? What are the threats facing online platforms and their users across different types of platforms? These are the questions Goldberger...

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Misinformation Sivanne Shalev, Head of Emerging Trends and Misinformation at ActiveFence.

Disinformation, Misinformation, and Geopolitical Risk

This two-part session will tackle the complexities of disinformation, and provide an understanding of how false narratives are created, the threat actors behind them, and how they interplay with current events. We will discus how foreign and domestic actors use fa...

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Extremism Profile picture of Yoni Deblinger, VP of Extremism at ActiveFence. Yoni is wearing glasses and a dark blue shirt, with a neutral background.

Terrorism and Extremism

Some of Trust & Safety’s most difficult tasks are dealing with the ugliest content on the web: building support for, creating, and disseminating content related to terrorism, extremism, hate speech, and violence. The recruitment of terrorists, promotion of white supr...

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CSAM Avi Jager, PhD, Head of Child Safety, a professional headshot

Child Abuse

In this session, we will focus on the online threats facing children, such as grooming, sextortion, and exploitation. Sharing how the nuanced tactics of digital predators deceive detection, we will expound on how predator communities have learned to manipulate codewo...

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Intelligence Profile image of Daniel Nisman, Director of Intelligence Solutions, set within a circular frame on a light background.

The Intelligence-Based Approach to Content Moderation

After gaining a clear understanding of the online threat landscape, we will dive into the inner workings of Trust & Safety teams. We will start with the most essential component - detecting harmful content. Nisman will break down how the tools used by Trust & Safety ...

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Generative AI Portrait of Matar Haller, PhD, VP of Data & AI at ActiveFence.

The AI-Based Approach to Content Moderation

This class will shed light on the other side of harmful content detection: artificial intelligence. Orr will explain how technologies like machine learning models, automation, digital hashing, and risk scores, help teams scale by scanning more content, quicker, incre...

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Compliance Michal Brand-Gold, VP General Counsel at ActiveFence, smiling in a professional portrait with a light purple background.

Trust & Safety’s Legislative Environment

In the past few years, the industry has witnessed a surge in countries worldwide regulating online platforms. Legislation like the UK Online Safety Bill, the EU’s Digital Services Act, and California’s Age-Appropriate Design Code Act have impacted how online platform...

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Trust & Safety Portrait of Liron Hakim Bobrov, Director of Content & Product Marketing at ActiveFence, with a professional headshot and her title displayed next to her image.

The Trust & Safety Lifecycle

Being in a new industry, Trust & Safety teams are tasked not only with protecting platforms and their users, but learning on the fly about how to best prepare, create, and maintain these digital spaces. This session will review the lifecycle of Trust & Safety teams, ...

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