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Phishing For NFTs

As NFTs increase in popularity, more and more new users are joining the market, and are at risk of falling prey to scams. Sophisticated fraud actor operations are exploiting vulnerable NFT traders and compromising their accounts with phishing campaigns, that have serious consequences.

These attacks are advanced and can cost traders millions of dollars. However, by understanding these threats, NFT marketplaces can protect their users and platforms from harm.

In this report, we detail the forms of phishing that fraud actors are engaged in:

  • Social engineering
  • Typosquatting
  • Impersonation
  • The delivery of malware
Portrait of Gideon Freud, author on the ActiveFence blog
Gideon Freud

Gideon is a Senior Intelligence Writer at ActiveFence. He graduated from Oxford University in 2012, where he studied social and cultural anthropology with a special focus on the growth of political extremism in Europe. He joined ActiveFence in January 2021, and is interested in researching the development of national laws focused on regulating online activities.