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The Holistic Approach to Cyber Safety

Threat actors are are building and seeking new methods to compromise private user data stored in secure accounts.

This malicious activity frequently utilizes malicious tools and malware to breach a targeted platform’s security

  • To obtain user payment information for fraud
  • To perform account takeover activities
  • To gain access to a closed platform to conduct scams.


Within this Report

This white paper demonstrates how a holistic five step approach is essential to enable platform threat mitigation from to be proactive. It guides users through:

  • Lead generation from chatter analysis to identify trends in threat actor tools;
  • Lead refinement of identified threats via OSINT and technical research;
  • Technical malware research using static and dynamic code analysis;
  • Malware reporting to identify security gaps and platform vulnerabilities;
  • Campaign monitoring to locate future iterations of malware and malicious tools.

Access the report to learn more.