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ActiveFence & Agora: Building Real-Time Trust & Safety

July 18, 2023

Today, I am proud to announce the first-of-its-kind partnership between ActiveFence and Agora, Inc. Combining Agora’s real-time video and audio engagement platform with ActiveFence’s AI-powered, intelligence-fueled risk scores and content moderation platform will set a new industry precedent for the creation of secure video app engagement.

Now’s the time for real-time moderation

In today’s real-time-first digital landscape, online harms are on the rise, and new regulations, like the EU’s DSA, require app developers and platforms to prioritize user safety. Until today, no dedicated solution has allowed this.

At ActiveFence, we have made it our mission to ensure the safety of every online engagement – and real-time is the new frontier. By joining forces with Agora, we will lead a seismic shift towards an online world where user trust, safety, and regulatory compliance converge. Integrating our content moderation toolkit, app developers will now be able to nurture rewarding interactions, amplify user experiences, and foster increased trust – resulting in better retention.

Enabling proactive, multi-violation moderation

By offering ActiveFence integrations directly on the Agora Extensions Marketplace, we will allow Agora’s customers to easily access our ActiveFence’s powerful suite of tools:

  • ActiveScore: our real-time, AI-driven, intelligence-fueled video content detection technology, which employs a proprietary database and contextual AI models to deliver precise risk scores and relevant indicators of harmful activity.
  • ActiveOS: the operating system for Trust & Safety, incorporating moderator-centered queue management, one-click transparency reporting, codeless policy building, and customized, automated actions.

With these tools, Agora’s customers will be able to detect and moderate harmful video content in real-time, directly from the platform. By shielding users from violative content such as adult content, profanity, child abuse & exploitation, bullying, harassment, hate speech, illegal goods, and more, platforms can ensure that engagements are always clean and safe from toxic content.

Safety at a cost that can’t be beat

At ActiveFence, we believe that online safety is a right, and not a privilege reserved only for teams that can afford it. That is why we are offering these video and audio content moderation tools for free to all of Agora’s customers.

With our free integration, Agora’s customers can analyze up to 10,000 minutes of video and audio content. After evaluating our free public Beta version on Agora’s Extension Marketplace, teams will be able to select the competitively-priced package that works for them.

Safeguarding the future

As the online safety landscape continues to evolve, developers empowered by ActiveFence’s content moderation tools and Agora’s real-time engagement platforms, can continue to create enriching, exciting, and most importantly, safe experiences for their users.

Alongside Agora, we will provide an unbeatable mix of competitive pricing and easy access, enabling platforms to design safer and more secure real-time engagement experiences for their users. This commitment guarantees trust and safety measures are always within reach for platforms striving to cultivate positive interactions and comply with regulations effectively.

Together, Agora and ActiveFence are pioneering a new frontier in real-time engagement, making each interaction a step towards a safer, more secure online ecosystem.

To see it in action, I invite you to take a look at our video moderation tools on the Agora Marketplace for yourself.