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Bringing the Best in the Industry Together: ActiveFence and Modulate Partner to Create a Safer Experience for Online Users in Real-Time

Stopping hate speech, bullying, violence, and sexual vulgarity with the widest coverage and Trust and Safety suite of solutions

NEW YORK, February 13th, 2024- ActiveFence, the leading technology solution for Trust and Safety intelligence, management, and content moderation, and Modulate, the best-in-class prosocial voice intelligence company, are announcing a new partnership to build the industry’s only full coverage Trust & Safety suite, aiming to provide users with a safe and trusted experience in real-time engagements. By combining the expertise of these two industry leaders, the partnership will bring the widest coverage yet, enhancing moderation capabilities by using contextual AI to take proactive measures to ensure user protection.

Modulate, known for its advanced proactive voice moderation solution, ToxMod, is teaming up with ActiveFence, a trusted name in Trust & Safety. Together, they aim to offer a comprehensive suite of services that enable stronger protection in real-time. By leveraging Modulate’s expertise in live voice chat moderation and ActiveFence’s Trust & Safety suite of capabilities in video, image, and text, platforms can now benefit from expanded coverage into 100+ languages (18+ for voice chat), and over 17 violation categories.

Combining Modulate’s ToxMod voice-native toxicity detection and data-driven analysis with ActiveFence’s ActiveOS expansive video, image and text detection will make it easier for platforms to safeguard and better protect their users from harms including violent radicalization, gender- and sexuality-based harassment, and cultural hate speech. With 33% of adults and 51% of teens reporting online harassment in the ADL’s 2023 report on online hate and harassment, it is more important than ever for platforms to have a comprehensive view into the dangers facing their users. This necessity is further underscored by impending legislation such as the Digital Services Act, which will mandate platforms to demonstrate transparency and proactively address these issues.

ActiveFence Co-Founder and CEO, Noam Schwartz: ״When it comes to real-time communications, users seek a safe experience. Together, ActiveFence and Modulate create this multilayered protection, fostering positive experiences in live voice and chat communication. Our collective effort cleans platforms, ensuring a safe space free from online harm.״

Modulate CEO & Co-founder Mike Pappas: ״For too long, “online safety” has been limited, protecting users in text chat and a few other mediums but unable to extend to trickier venues like voice chat. Modulate has dedicated ourselves to overcoming that final barrier to online safety – and now, in partnership with ActiveFence’s top-class offerings for other media types, we’re thrilled to be delivering the world’s first truly comprehensive online safety solution.״

The partnership between ActiveFence and Modulate marks a significant step forward in the fight against online harm. By combining both strengths, they are empowering Trust & Safety teams to proactively protect users and ensure a positive online experience. To learn more about how to proactively protect communities in real-time, click here.



About Modulate:

Modulate builds intelligent prosocial voice technology that combats online toxicity and elevates the health and safety of online communities. ToxMod, Modulate’s proactive voice moderation platform, empowers community teams to make informed decisions and protect players from harassment, toxic behavior, or more insidious harms — without having to rely on player reports. ToxMod is the only voice-native moderation solution available today, and has processed millions of hours of audio for game development studios large and small on computers, mobile devices and consoles. Modulate’s advanced machine learning frameworks have helped customers protect tens of millions of players against online toxicity to ensure safe and inclusive spaces for everyone. Visit Modulate at to learn more, and follow Modulate on LinkedIn and X.


About ActiveFence:

ActiveFence is the leading Trust and Safety provider for online platforms, protecting over three billion users daily from malicious behavior and content. Trust and Safety teams of all sizes rely on ActiveFence to keep their users safe from the widest spectrum of online harms, including child abuse, disinformation, hate speech, terror, fraud, and more. The company offers a full stack of capabilities with deep intelligence research, AI-driven harmful content detection, and a moderation platform. ActiveFence protects platforms globally, in over 100 languages, letting people interact and thrive safely online. Visit and follow us on Linkedin to learn more about how to protect your platform and users.