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Ansar Allah (Houthis)

On October 19, 2023, the Ansar Allah-Iranian backed Yemeni militant group entered the Israel-Hamas war, by firing cruise missiles and armed drones up the Red Sea.

Ansar Allah—classified as a terrorist entity by Saudi Arabia and the UAE—reorienting its media empire to spread incitement to violence and share terrorist propaganda produced by the Hamas, Hezbollah online in English and Arabic.

Within this report:

This latest ActiveFence report shares exclusive research by ActiveFence’s Counter Terror researchers, and evaluates the impact of the Ansar Allah media operation’s content, as it begins to surge across UGC platforms.

  • It charts Ansar Allah’s evolution, ideology, and connections with known terrorist organizations and provides the necessary context for moderation teams to take moderation decisions.
  • It provides symbols, keywords, and other indicators of Ansar Allah media wings for those responsible for automated flagging and detection to enhance platform rules and workflows.