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enhanced online safety

ActiveFence & Spectrum Labs introduce:

Stronger protection against online harms

Combining ActiveFence's and Spectrum Labs's solutions creates the #1 Trust & Safety solution
for companies seeking to rapidly and effectively identify and address potential threats on a large scale.

Covering 30% more abuse areas
Automated Real-time detection
Protecting 3+ Billion USERS WORLDWIDE
Supporting 100+ LANGUAGES

Safer experiences. Wider coverage. Streamlined operations.

Unmatched coverage in multiple media types

Protect your global community to provide users the best experience with unmatched coverage across 17+ abuse areas, and 100+ languages in text, video, audio and images. All in real-time.

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Swift and accurate detection

Expand your detection capabilities with a single API. ActiveScore now includes Spectrum Labs’s contextual AI text models, alongside ActiveFence’s historical intelligence and AI-driven automated content detection in text, images, video and audio.

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A complete set of detection signals

Gain full control over policy enforcement by mixing and matching signals from ActiveScore (with Spectrum Labs scoring built in), other AI models, and keyword lists for precise, policy-specific detection and enforcement- all without a single line of code.

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End-to-end moderation processes

Streamline the moderation process within a single platform. ActiveOS supports everything from detection to user notice and action mechanisms – so you can efficiently complete the moderation process, all in one place.

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Create a safer and more
responsible online
environment for all

Safeguard your online communities at scale with
ActiveFence & Spectrum Lab's enhanced end-to-end online safety
solution. Fill in your details to talk to us to learn more.