5 Red Teaming Tactics to Ensure GenAI Safety


As Generative AI (GenAI) rapidly evolves, ensuring its safety is paramount. This webinar will explore the essential role of red teaming for GenAI safety.

Traditionally used in cybersecurity, red teaming is now crucial for applying Safety By Design principles to generative models.

Join our expert panel of trust and safety leaders as they discuss:

  • Different red teaming approaches for various company sizes and use cases.
  • Insights from ActiveFence’s collaboration with leading LLM developers and GenAI startups in implementing robust safety solutions for secure AI releases.
  • Addressing and reducing bias in GenAI models with practical tips.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of red teaming efforts and ensuring ongoing safety.

Gain actionable tactics to enhance your GenAI projects’ safety and resilience against threats. Don’t miss insights from industry leaders on building and maintaining secure, reliable GenAI systems.


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