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Combining AI Technology with In-Depth Expert Analysis

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Intel Desk

Proactive research & reporting

Dive into the problem with intel reports from our diverse team of analysts. Get updates on T&S related developments to equip your team with in-depth intelligence on detected risks, bad actor TTPs, and emerging trends that could impact your platform.

Our team of global subject-matter experts and data analysts provide the critical context and language support you need to make informed decisions.

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Ask an Expert

On-demand investigation

Request expert analysis on unclear findings to help support complex enforcement and policy decisions. Submit and request insights in our UI dashboard and download, view, and share reports with colleagues for greater visibility.

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Red Team

In-depth insights into violations on your platform

Proactively challenge your defenses to identify weaknesses and policy loopholes. Get full visibility into your vulnerabilities in order to strengthen your platform’s defenses.

Receive comprehensive reports and actionable insights describing use case, policies challenged, and how bad actors can evade existing policies or detection and validation mechanisms

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In-depth intelligence

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Find and fix policy vulnerability

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Full context and regional support

"We were getting a bunch of traffic with some bad actors and using your management interface was the most efficient way to remove them."

Head of Operations, Global Video Sharing Platform
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