Technical WEBINT Analyst (Senior)

ActiveFence HQ · Full-time · Senior

About The Position

As a senior analyst of ActiveFence’s Intel Desk you will use your internet fluency, knack for investigations, thirst for knowledge, and hacker-like thinking to identify weak-spots in a variety of platforms and unmask the threat actors seeking to exploit them. 

You're a white-hat hacker or assume you could be a great one. You challenge yourself to discover things online that no one else can, and nothing stands in your way from finding answers. You take on high-stakes challenges and get excited at the prospect of navigating new platforms in a highly technical environment to identify threats. You aren’t daunted by working on numerous topics simultaneously and learning new subject matter. Fast. 

As part of this uniquely agile team, you’ll be analyzing threat actors keeping our clients one step ahead of their tactics, techniques and procedures. You will be analyzing malicious activities online while getting to their sources and distribution methods. You’ll be coming up with solutions to stop these activities from happening by gathering intelligence.


  • Examining vulnerabilities exploited by abusive actors on a variety of technical and social media platforms and conducting ad-hoc reports accordingly for our clients. 
  • Conducting investigations on highly sophisticated threat actors abusing these platforms 
  • Analyzing large data sets and providing meaningful insights.
  • Monitoring third party websites, forums, messaging app channels and more to uncover malicious activities. 
  • Developing expertise in a range of malicious content types (fraud, terror, hate speech, and more)
  • Assist our product and intelligence teams to understand our customers’ needs better by tracking their pains, following industry trends and communicating their needs.

Skills and qualifications:

  • A pro-active and independent thinker and doer.
  • A quick learner of new practice areas and technological tools.
  • Tons of curiosity.
  • A methodological approach to the art of web intelligence.
  • Extensive WEBINT / OSINT experience (4+ years).
  • Intelligence Background – an advantage.
  • Scripting knowledge (Python)
  • Network sniffing experience - an advantage
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Fluent English.
  • Customer-oriented.
  • Excellent Excel/Google sheets skills.
  • Capable of dealing with harsh content at times.

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