The State of Trust & Safety 2024

In 2024, Trust & Safety teams will face unique challenges, including the democratization of harmful content creation driven by GenAI, major elections impacting half of the world’s population, and regional and global conflicts. They will be facing these challenges amidst increased public scrutiny and with downsized teams.

ActiveFence’s State of Trust & Safety 2024 report will make sense of this ever-changing landscape, highlighting the risks platforms should be aware of, and how they can prepare. Download it to learn more.


ActiveFence's 2024 Trust & Safety report cover. A person wearing a VR headset is featured on the cover with futuristic digital graphics in the background. The interior page discusses the rise of Generative AI and its impact on trust and safety.

Within this report:

This ActiveFence report provides an overview of the major challenges facing Trust & Safety teams in 2024. It includes;

  • The rise of AI-generated harmful content
  • Unique election related threats in a year of over 70 elections.
  • Complex geopolitical events
  • Public and legal scrutny

Read it, and get ready for the year ahead!

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