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The Viral Challenge for Social Media

As the school year starts, children worldwide will gather to learn and socialize. Online videos have become integral to their social interactions.

Trending viral social media challenges, marked by hashtags, allow users to upload their content and join in a global conversation. They can share their humor, talents, strength, beauty, or bravery and gain social capital through likes and re-shares.

While minors participate, adult influencers often spark these trends. This translation between demographics opens children up to a myriad of risks. Some video trends can lead children to undertake dangerous activities without adult supervision. Other categories of videos that contain a sexualized undertone can risk children opening themselves to abuse, either from bullying or child predators.

Download this ActiveFence and learn about the importance of proactive intelligence to detect dangerous trending video activity that threatens minors online before offline harm is caused.

Portrait of Gideon Freud, author on the ActiveFence blog
Gideon Freud

Gideon is a Senior Intelligence Writer at ActiveFence. He graduated from Oxford University in 2012, where he studied social and cultural anthropology with a special focus on the growth of political extremism in Europe. He joined ActiveFence in January 2021, and is interested in researching the development of national laws focused on regulating online activities.