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Election Update

Karnataka state holds significant influence that extends well beyond its borders.

Seen as a microcosm of India, the events in this state have national and international implications. Its May 10, 2023, legislative assembly elections are an important precursor to India’s May 2024 General Election.

This ActiveFence report provides a taste of our global work showing how cultural nuance, linguistic fluency, and in-depth local knowledge are essential for teams in safeguarding their users, and preventing online activity from igniting political violence.

Within this Report

One of the most important national votes in 2024 will take place in India, the largest democracy in the world. The diversity of national life poses specific risks, with online actors agitating to sow tensions and foment social unrest. This report includes:

– Flagged local organizations whose content poses a risk
– Potentially dangerous local actors to be monitored
– Recent events triggered national and international activity
– Trending misinformation narratives that could ignite social unrest