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Guide: Avoiding Platform Misuse in War

In dramatically shifting geopolitical situations, platforms must be proactive.

With violence escalating in Eastern Europe, user generated content platforms are seeking ways to maintain platform integrity, and create a safe and authentic experience for users.

ActiveFence is closely monitoring this developing geopolitical event, providing our partners with insights and intelligence that help them stay on top of a changing digital landscape.

Download this guide for an overview of platform risks detected by ActiveFence in the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and access our three pronged approach to keeping platforms safe in times of crisis.


Liron Hakim Bobrov

Liron is the Director of Content at ActiveFence and specializes in producing research-based, data-driven content. Liron joined the company in 2020, where she has focused on establishing ActiveFence’s content strategy and creating intelligence-based content for Trust & Safety professionals. Liron holds a BSW from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.