ActiveFence Misinformation Alert: Brazil Election 2022

Brazil Misinformation Alert

The election is about to be stolen! Shadowy global actors are working with industry and media to place a thumb on the democratic scales. ActiveFence’s Emerging Trends Detection team are monitoring the online ecosystem of Brazil for emerging misinformation narratives that are gaining traction, as the country prepares for its October 2022 General Elections.

The false narratives are spreading across social media, instant messaging, video hosting platforms, as well as on alternative news websites. Each claim builds on, and lends credence to the logic established by those that came before setting the stage for post election civil unrest and political instability.

This one pager provides:

  • Specialist context about the developing narratives;
  • The prevalence and growing reach of each trend;
  • Associated keywords to assist platform moderators.

Through early detection of these emerging narratives, technology platforms can mitigate these potential harms.