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Policy Guide
Oct 28, 2021

The Trust & Safety Policy Review

With a dynamic digital environment, crafting platform policy can be challenging. ActiveFence has completed an intensive deep dive into the policies of over twenty-six platforms to serve as a guide to assist Trust and Safety teams as they build their policies.

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Disinformation, Policy Guide
Sep 30, 2021

Policy Series: Health Disinformation

In the third edition of the ActiveFence Policy Series, we take a look at the health and electoral disinformation policies of major tech companies and examine their core components. In this blog, we will focus on health disinformation policy.

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Policy Guide, Violent Extremism
Aug 11, 2021

Policy Series: Illegal, Violent Activities

In this second edition of the ActiveFence Policy Series, we look at the policies of major tech companies governing illegal and violent activities, examining the core components of these policies.

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Child Safety, Policy Guide
Jul 22, 2021

Policy Series: Child Safety

This is the first in a series of ActiveFence comprehensive reports laying out how market leaders have built their platform guidelines to secure trust and safety effectively on and in their platforms.

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