The Secret Marketplace of Financial Sextortion: Proactive Detection & Solutions


While much of the discourse on financial sextortion focuses on awareness and statistics, actionable solutions are missing. This webinar introduces groundbreaking strategies to effectively combat financial sextortion.

Key Topics:

  • Preventive Measures: Learn how to identify and monitor potential sextortion accounts on social media platforms before any harmful engagement occurs.
  • Addressing the Secret Marketplace: Unveil the hidden dynamics of the sextortion marketplace. Discover where the majority of activities on social media are concentrated, and explore strategies for detecting and dismantling these networks to cut off the economic incentives driving sextortion.
  • Platform Responsibilities: Find out what essential features and tools platforms need to implement to safeguard minors effectively.
  • Law Enforcement Collaboration: Enhance cooperation between digital platforms and law enforcement to streamline the identification and prosecution of perpetrators.

Gain proactive insights into identifying and mitigating financial sextortion risks, ensuring robust protections for vulnerable populations.


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