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Countering the Abuse of Video-Hosting Platforms

Today, bad actors abuse mainstream video-hosting and streaming platforms to upload violative videos. These videos are an integral part of threat actors ecosystems as the videos enable the quick and easy distribution of messaging across the world. Not only are illegitimate videos uploaded to platforms, but actors also corrupt content already hosted.

To investigate these threats, ActiveFence conducted risk assessments for some of the largest video-hosting and streaming platforms. Within the platforms surveyed, we found that:

  • 60% currently host child sexual abuse material or aid in its distribution
  • 80% host violent extremist terrorist propaganda
  • 90% are used to share incitement based on racism, religious intolerance, homophobia or misogyny

This activity not only violates platform policies, but also brings criminal activities into the public sphere, drawing platforms into the view of the law. If left uncontrolled, it can cause significant financial and operational consequences for those companies that are exploited.

In this report, we share how ActiveFence identified these harmful activities using cross-platform specialist research and analysis of metadata.

Download the full report to understand these harmful activities, the damage they cause and how ActiveFence’s solution can help video-hosting and streaming platforms fight these bad actors. 




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Ariella Rothschild

Ariella is a content marketer at ActiveFence. In her ten years of marketing and writing experience for NGOs and startups, Ariella has focused on disinformation, health, and women's rights content. At ActiveFence, Ariella develops Trust & Safety resources on industry best practices, policy, and regulation.