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Threats to Online Gaming

With a projected valuation of ~$257 billion by 2025, the video game industry is flourishing. However, this growth attracts systemic threats. In this report, we break them down:

  • Toxic activity directed at children ranging from coordinated bullying to child grooming for
    abuse and sexual exploitation;
  • Toxic activity directed at minority communities including racism, religious intolerance,
    homophobia and misogyny;
  • Exploitation by extremist and terrorist groups to meet, organize and share illicit promotional
  • Coordinated fraudulent financial activity directed at gaming using malware and cheat codes.

These threats not only risk individual users, but could fracture the online communities—essential to the success of the industry. Download the report to understand these threats and how Trust & Safety teams can protect their platforms.

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Ariella Rothschild

Ariella is a content marketer at ActiveFence. In her ten years of marketing and writing experience for NGOs and startups, Ariella has focused on disinformation, health, and women's rights content. At ActiveFence, Ariella develops Trust & Safety resources on industry best practices, policy, and regulation.