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Listen with Care: Countering the Abuse of Audio Streaming

Audio streaming platforms face a systemic problem of targeted and sustained abuse.

Investigating the abuse of audio streaming platforms on twelve of the largest platforms, ActiveFence has discovered the presence of:

  • Violent extremist content
  • Terrorist propaganda
  • Inciting content based on racism, religious intolerance, homophobia, or misogyny.

Furthermore, over ninety-two percent of those platforms are being exploited to spread political and health disinformation.

Companies operating in the audio streaming industry face a sustained risk of harmful platform abuse which can lead to weakened user retention, reduction in advertising revenue, and impediments to future financing.

Read this report to understand these abuses, take-down requirements by, and what companies can do to counter these abuses. 

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Ariella Rothschild

Ariella is a content marketer at ActiveFence. In her ten years of marketing and writing experience for NGOs and startups, Ariella has focused on disinformation, health, and women's rights content. At ActiveFence, Ariella develops Trust & Safety resources on industry best practices, policy, and regulation.