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ActiveFence Policy Series: Health and Electoral Disinformation

In their efforts to keep users safe, online platforms of all sizes must create comprehensive community guidelines and policies. While referred to by different names—community guidelines, content policies, and trust & safety policies—all create the ground rules for platform use, outlining what can and cannot be done to develop transparent processes to keep users and platforms safe. Creating these policies is a complex task, requiring a thorough evaluation of brand values and intended platform use, an understanding of on-platform activities, monitoring of international legislation, and ongoing analysis of best practices among similar technology companies.

To assist platforms in this endeavor, ActiveFence has reviewed the policies and guidelines of twenty-six leading online platforms. This third edition of our Policy Series provides a thorough evaluation of twenty of these tech platforms, which have policies related to health and electoral disinformation.

Ariella Rothschild

Ariella is a content marketer at ActiveFence. In her ten years of marketing and writing experience for NGOs and startups, Ariella has focused on disinformation, health, and women's rights content. At ActiveFence, Ariella develops Trust & Safety resources on industry best practices, policy, and regulation.