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The Operating System
for Trust & Safety

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Fully Customizable Content Moderation Platform - No Coding Required

Custom moderation queues & actions

Rule-based codeless workflows

Custom analytics dashboard

admin settings

Tailored risk score thresholds

Automated, policy-based actioning

Easy integration
with third parties

Built-in resilience and wellness tools

Protect all usersWith a free AI-driven moderation solution

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The Trust & Safety Platform Designed for Scale


One seamless integration
stack for a truly streamlined
moderation flow

Design the exact content moderation processes you want. Integrate one API to start using our AI-driven automated detection for text, audio, image and video content across multiple abuse areas and languages. Connect any third-party tools, including AI models, messaging apps, and case management software, to quickly moderate, enforce policies, manage user flags, send notifications, and more, all from a single interface.


Automate Actions

Increase efficiency and reduce average handle time with AI-driven automated content moderation that requires no engineering maintenance or human review. Create automated rules and actions based on risk score thresholds to automatically remove high risk and benign items to reduce human review to only those items that require it.

Download the ActiveScore Solution brief
Download the ActiveScore Solution brief

Increase moderator productivity

Quickly prioritize and respond to violations with custom moderation queues and actions. Assign items by moderator, language, abuse area, risk score, and more to streamline the decision making process across larger teams. Add swift actions to remove, suspend, report, or block violative content in one click – all in one interface.

Analyze and Optimize

Monitor and improve team performance

Gain transparency into platform risk and moderator productivity to reduce average handle time and improve SLAs. Measure KPIs such as violation types, language breakdown, moderator efficiency, time to handle, and more. Utilize our real-time comprehensive moderation control center for tracking larger team progress in order to meet performance metrics.

Increase efficiency. Be compliant. Protect your team.

No-Code Workflows

Update policy in seconds - no engineers required

Scale your moderation without straining your engineering resources. Drag and drop to build custom, automated rule-based workflows that are fully aligned to your policies, including based on user flags, risk score prioritization, user suspension policies, and more.

Compliance Ready

Stay compliant to evolving regulation requirements

Keep your platform up-to-date with the latest international regulations such as the DSA and others. Automatically report and take action against illegal content such as terrorism and CSAM. Make better decisions with enhanced violation explainability. Provide visibility by generating transparency reports in a click, and manage user flagging, appeals and notices – all in one place.

Built-In Resilience

Prioritize moderators wellness and mental health

Reduce moderator burnout by protecting your team from unnecessary exposure. Leverage in-platform resilience tools to automatically blur sensitive visual content and provide break reminders, guided mindfulness exercises, and more.

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operation system for
Trust & Safety today

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