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The DSA: Is Your Platform Ready?

By 2024, all platforms operating in Europe will need to comply with the Digital Services Act. To make sure your platform is ready, ActiveFence is proud to offer a breadth and depth of DSA-related materials.

Check out our resources below to ensure compliance:

The Digital Services Act: What You Need To Know

Discover the requirements, timelines, obligations, and more in one place.

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Navigating the EU’s New Digital Safety Laws

Watch our webinar on the DSA and its marketplace counterpart, the DMA.

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The Digital Services Act: A Holistic Approach

Read our deep dive into platform compliance with this landmark law.

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The Guide to Transparency Reports

Explore our comprehensive guide and template on this critical DSA requirement.

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Legislation & Global Regulation

Platforms operating around the world need to comply with dozens of different pieces of legislation. ActiveFence offers a variety of resources on these laws and their implications to help keep Trust & Safety teams up to date.

Mapping Regulations: Online Disinformation

Get a detailed look at the relevant disinformation laws affecting platforms in 65+ countries around the globe.

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Mapping Regulations: Online Terrorist Content

Check out our legislative map outlining the various terrorism-related content laws from around the world.

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Mapping Regulations: Hate Speech Content

Explore our interactive legislative map detailing the different digital hate speech-related regulations.

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Turkey's Press Law Amendment

Read the key rules for online platforms on misinformation and child abuse from Turkey's Press Law.

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Ireland’s Online Safety and Media Regulation Act

Learn about new rules and standards for online platforms set forth by Ireland's Online Safety Act.

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Singapore's Online Safety Bill

Find out about key requirements for online platforms that result from Singapore's Online Safety Bill.

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All Things Legislation: The Trust & Safety Laws of 2022

2022 brought major shifts in online safety laws, learn what they are and what can be done to prepare

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TERREG: EU Regulation on Sharing Online Terrorist Content

Learn about the 8 most critical points for platform compliance laid out in this 2022 law.

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The UK’s Upcoming Online Safety Bill

Dive into the regulations, requirements, and more from the UK’s groundbreaking digital safety law.

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The Philippines’ Anti-Human Trafficking Act: Impact and Implications

Read our report on the recent Filipino law on human exploitation and what it means for tech platforms.

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The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act: Explained

Learn more about platform compliance in this interview with Michal Brand – Gold, our General Counsel VP

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EU Code Against Disinformation: What You Need To Know

Europe's new code on requires some platforms to act on disinformation. Find out if yours is impacted.

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Brazil’s New Electoral Disinformation Regulation

Understand Brazil's new electoral disinformation law, passed during the country's 2022 Presidential Election

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Platform Policy

Effective policies are what ensure platforms are safe for users and compliant with laws. To help companies build, implement and maintain these policies, we've created a hub that includes analyses of considerations and components to suggestions, guides, and more.

Policy Series: Child Safety

Build robust child safety policies by learning from the leading tech platforms

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Policy Series: Health & Electoral Disinformation

Learn about how some of the leading platforms combat disinformation and prevent its spread.

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Policy Series: Illegal & Violent Activities

Get insights on preventing on-platform violations in our evaluation of existing policies.

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Policy Series: Securing Marketplaces

Learn how major online marketplace keep their users safe in this policy review.

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The Trust & Safety Policy Review

Read our debrief to get an understanding on factors to consider when building a platform policy.

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The Guide to Policy Enforcement

Delve into this report on best practices, actions, use cases and mechanisms for policy enforcement.

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Safety By Design

Access our deep dive into the principles behind this crucial platform approach.

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The Content Moderation Conundrum With Influential Users

Learn how influential users challenge moderation processes, and how can clear, transparent policies help?

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Additional Resources

  1. The Trust & Safety Industry: A Primer

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    Trust & Safety spans everything from legal compliance, to policy building, and ultimately, enforcement - learn more about the industry in our comprehensive guide.

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  2. The EU Digital Services Act

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    Read the full text of the bill.

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  3. The UK Online Safety Bill


    Get access to the law in its entirety.



    Read the EU's terrorist content-focused law.

  5. California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act

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    Learn more about California's child safety law.

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  6. Singapore's Online Safety Bill


    Explore Singapore's latest digital safety legislation.

  7. Australia's Online Safety Act


    Dive into Australia's latest online safety law.


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