Backend Engineer - Data Group

Binyamina/Ramat Gan, Bursa/Remote · Full-time

About The Position

The Data Group is responsible for the data collection, aggregation, and analysis capabilities which fuel ActiveFence’s ability to fulfill its mission of fighting online evil at scale. With the continuous and accelerated expansion of online evil we are seriously scaling up our operation to deal with an ever more complex online landscape. If you love varying challenges, can move fast, and are not afraid of tackling uncharted territories with your code, you might be a good fit here. We're looking for Backend Engineers who will join one of our 2 engineering oriented teams:

The Collection Machine Team: This team is in charge of finding creative ways to collect very large amounts of data from all around the web, and then funneling it through to be analyzed, classified, and in the case of evil data, eliminated.

The Database of Evil Team: This team is in charge of organizing all the evil data we find into a huge intelligent encyclopedia and making it accessible externally and internally to enable further research and classification of more evil data.

For either of these teams you should be able to check off at least 4 of the following:

  • I am fluent with Nodejs + Typescript.
  • I have dealt with high load backends and scale bound architectures.
  • I have experience with and a love for big data.
  • I am good with python.
  • I have experience with OSINT, WEBINT, or scraping.
  • I have built micro-services and the architecture around them.
  • I have done (formally or informally) DevOps over AWS & kubernetes.
  • I am really good with MongoDb, like DBA good.
  • I have other possibly relevant skills that I would love to tell you about.

And you must have:

  • A proactive and full ownership oriented mentality.
  • A can do approach.
  • A desire to learn more no matter what level you're at.
  • A desire to teach everything you know.
  • A connection to our mission.
  • A general ability to be a nice person at least 50% of the time.

Finally, if you are a geeky data science type we need people like you as well but please go back to the careers page and consider one of the data science oriented positions.

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