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Child Safety, Content Moderation, Product Update, Terrorism, Violent Extremism

ActiveOS Updates: Real-Time Actioning, Detecting Sexual Solicitation, and Stopping Extremism

Discover the latest advancements in ActiveOS and ActiveScore designed to enhance real-time actioning, detect sexual solicitation and stop violent extremism.
July 18, 2024 Reading time 10 min read
Child Safety, Content Moderation, Trust and Safety

Detecting Novel CSAM – Why Image Hash Matching Isn’t Enough Anymore

Understand why image hash matching alone isn't enough to detect novel CSAM in the GenAI era, and how an AI-driven approach provides…
July 12, 2024 Reading time 9 min read
Child Safety, Content Moderation, Trust and Safety

Beyond the Pixels — How Face Age Estimation is Transforming Real-World Safety

Learn how Face-age estimation enhances child online safety by protecting minors from age-restricted content and streamlines automation.
July 1, 2024 Reading time 11 min read
Discover the latest advancements in ActiveOS and ActiveScore designed to elevate moderation efficiency and ensure community safety.
June 27, 2024 Reading time 7 min read
Discover the hidden dangers of non-graphic child sexual exploitation on UGC platforms and learn to combat these pervasive threats.
June 20, 2024 Reading time 10 min read
Disinformation, Hate Speech, Trust and Safety, Violent Extremism

Five Anti-LGBTQ+ Narratives Trending During Pride Month – 2024

Combat the surge of anti-LGBTQ+ narratives and hate speech, especially during critical times like Pride Month.
June 14, 2024 Reading time 7 min read
Fraud Prevention, Generative AI, Misinformation

How Scammers Are Abusing GenAI to Impersonate and Manipulate

Discover how scammers exploit GenAI for impersonation scams, from deepfakes to deceptive identities, and learn how to stay protected.
June 6, 2024 Reading time 13 min read
DSA, Internet Law, Policy Guide

The Digital Services Act: What You Need to Know

Explore the DSA with ActiveFence; Delve into everything you need to know to maintain compliance and stay ahead of regulations
May 9, 2024 Reading time 9 min read
ActiveFence explores the true cost of online gaming fraud, as we delve into how Account Takeovers (ATOs) fuel an underground economy of…
April 18, 2024 Reading time 7 min read
Election Coverage

10 Elections to Watch in 2024

57 elections are set to take place in 2024, a historic event that will test Trust & Safety teams' election readiness. This…
October 26, 2023 Reading time 25 min read
In 2022, online sextortion of minors rose 463%, and that number is only expected to grow this year. In this blog, ActiveFence…
September 28, 2023 Reading time 11 min read
Hate Speech, Violent Extremism

Swatting: When Online Hate Goes Offline

ActiveFence researchers uncover new incentives and tactics in swatting attacks. Learn more about this phenomenon, and what platforms can do to ensure…
August 22, 2023 Reading time 9 min read
For Trust & Safety teams, mitigating and proactively detecting online child marriage requires a specialized understanding of circumvention techniques and socio-religious keywords…
June 1, 2023 Reading time 10 min read

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