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Joining Forces: ActiveFence and Spectrum Labs

September 7, 2023

Since we founded ActiveFence over five years ago, we made it our mission to help Trust & Safety teams create, deploy, and scale the content policies that are right for their products and communities.

Together with our clients, we have ensured the safety of over 3 billion global users, in over 100 languages, and across every possible format.

Today, I am proud to share that we are taking another step toward that vision, as we announce that we have completed our acquisition of Spectrum Labs.

Spectrum Labs: Market-Leading AI

Spectrum Labs, led by the incredibly talented Justin Davis and Josh Newman, has built one of the most robust, multi-language AI models for content moderation and is a market leader in text-based contextual AI.

These unique capabilities have made Spectrum Labs an industry leader in gaming, dating, and marketplace online safety. Among its clients are leading brands and communities like Riot Games, Grindr, and The Meet Group, which use Spectrum Labs’s tools to eliminate harmful content, improve user retention, and create more enjoyable customer experiences.

Spectrum Labs by ActiveFence: Advancing Trust & Safety

Spectrum Labs’ contextual AI models are a perfect fit for ActiveFence’s Trust & Safety platform: ActiveOS. By integrating Spectrum Labs’s models, alongside our own, within ActiveOS, we will allow our customers to stop potential dangers on an even larger scale. Namely, this acquisition will enable:

  • Enhanced scale and real-time support: By combining our strengths, we will allow our customers to identify and mitigate potential online harms on an even greater scale, and faster.
  • Broadened monitoring spectrum (no pun intended!): Together, we will automatically cover 30% more abuse areas, activating greater policy coverage in more languages than ever.
  • Comprehensive policy management: Using our policy tools and expanded automated detection mechanisms, clients will be able to apply the protocols and models that make sense for them, in a seamless, simple interface.
  • Improved cost efficiency: By joining forces, our clients will benefit from the best of both companies, ultimately increasing operational efficiency, and resulting in better ROI.

While these are all wonderful values for our clients, the acquisition will also allow us to continue contributing to the broader Trust & Safety ecosystem. By continuing to develop Spectrum Labs’ global #TSCollective community, we will support more industry collaboration and knowledge-sharing, to ensure a safer and more responsible online environment for all – starting with next week’s ProSocial Summit, where we will meet with industry leaders to discuss the future of Trust & Safety. Registration is still open, click here if you’d like to join.

Looking Ahead

This is the largest M&A within the Trust & Safety industry, bringing to the market a more mature, sophisticated, robust, and comprehensive offering than ever before. As the Trust & Safety industry grows at warp speed, while facing increasing regulatory demands and budgetary scrutiny, it is time for Trust & Safety teams to enjoy access to the right tools without needing to build every point solution in-house.

This partnership amplifies our commitment to our customers, to meaningful partnerships, and to the industry.

Join us, as we craft a brighter, safer online world.