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Content Moderation Platform Designed for Scale

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Why ActiveFence

All-in-One Content Moderation Platform


Respond fast to high-risk violations


Implement policy changes in seconds


Full transparency to make data-driven decisions

Moderate. Automate. Take Action.

Fully Customizable - No Coding Required


Identify & take immediate action

Prioritize and quickly respond to violations with custom actions and moderation queues. Customize queues by language, violation category, risk score and more, and add one-click actions to remove, suspend, report, or block violative content in one click.


Faster decisions. Greater accuracy

Harness ActiveFence proprietary sources and deep intelligence to contextually analyze each piece of content in real time to empower moderators to quickly detect violations and prioritize those that pose the greatest risk. Highest-risk items will automatically be pushed to the top of the queue, to ensure actioning on the spot.

Automated workflows to decrease moderator exposure

Update policies
- no coding required

Increase efficiency with automated rules and triggered actions based on your agile policy without any engineering resources. Drag and drop to build workflows based on user flagging, risk score prioritization, user suspension policies, and more.


Build the moderation flow of your dreams

Connect all the pieces of your content moderation workflow together. With 100% flexibility, integrate with any third-party vendors like AI models, work messaging apps, ticketing software and even internal tools to seamlessly enforce moderation rules and take swift action.


Gain transparency into platform risk and moderator efficiency

Monitor and improve performance with visibility into KPIs such as violation types, language breakdown, moderator efficiency, time to handle, and more - all in one analytics dashboard.


Prioritize team wellness
and mental health

Protect your team from unnecessary exposure with in-platform resilience tools to automatically blur sensitive visual content, provide break reminders, guided mindfulness exercises, and more.

Trust & Safety at Scale

Sources collected
Signals analyzed daily
Users protected

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